Figure INF-5 HIV prevalence among new injecting drug users (injecting less than 2 years) – studies with national and subnational coverage, 2002 to 2003

Figure INF-05


Black square = samples with national coverage; blue triangle = samples with subnational (including local or regional) coverage.

Differences between countries have to be interpreted with caution owing to different types of settings and/or study methods; national sampling strategies vary and some sample sizes are small.

Data for Belgium, Latvia, Austria and Slovenia are limited to prevalence among IDUs in treatment and may not be representative of prevalence among IDUs who are not in treatment.

Data for France are based on self-reported test results, which are less reliable than clinically documented tests.


Reitox national focal points. For primary sources, study details and data before 2002, see [Table INF-8] in the 2005 statistical bulletin.