Figure PDU-4 part (i) Estimated prevalence of and trends in problem drug use at the national level (rate per 1000 population aged 15 to 64). Trends per country – average of all estimation methods


Timeseries are combined where methods are similar over the time span. Spain and Luxembourg each have two different time series. For more details see [Table PDU-1 to PDU-3] in the 2005 statistical bulletin. Target groups may vary owing to different methods and data sources; therefore comparisons should be made with caution. In some countries data are insufficient to report.


National focal points. See also EMCDDA project (2003): National prevalence estimates of problem drug use in the European Union, 1995–2000, CT.00.RTX.23, EMCDDA, Lisbon, coordinated by the Institut für Therapieforschung, Munich.

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