Studies of the problematic drug use population

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Overview of the data

The links above give access to the tables in the bulletin, the supplementary downloadable tables and the associated graphics in the section dealing with problem drug use, as well as to a description of the methods and definitions used in compiling this data. A brief, summary overview is provided below. See also the side navigation bar for links to all chapters.

Tables and graphics present summary information on the estimated numbers of problem drug users and injecting drug users, along with the corresponding prevalence rates in the adult population (aged 15 to 64). Estimates are made by a variety of methods in each country, and data are presented for the most recent years available. Estimates at the national or regional level are likely to show lower variability than local estimates.

Time trend analysis is restricted by the fact that few countries are able to provide regular estimates of PDU prevalence and even fewer can provide regular estimates of IDU prevalence. This suggests the need for strengthening surveillance capacity is this area. The full information on which the summaries are based can be found in the supplementary downloadable tables.

Summary points