Programmes for needle and syringe provision

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Overview of the data

The links above give access to the tables in the bulletin and the associated graphics in the section dealing with needle and syringe availability, as well as to a description of the methods and definitions used in compiling this data. A brief overview is provided below. See also the side navigation bar for links to all chapters.

These tables give information on the provision of syringes through needle and syringe programmes (NSPs) and pharmacy sales in 25 EU countries, Norway and Bulgaria. Reported are the numbers of syringes distributed, exchanged and sold at different types of syringe provision points, including pharmacies, non-pharmacy-based services and vending machines. Data on the year of introduction of needle and syringe programmes complement the information.

References and sources used for the needle and syringe programme information provided in the other tables are given in Table NSP-0.

Summary points