Drug-related infectious diseases

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Overview of the data

The links above give access to the tables in the bulletin, the supplementary downloadable tables and the associated graphics in the section dealing with drug-related infectious diseases, as well as to a description of the methods and definitions used in compiling this data. A brief, summary overview is provided below. See also the side navigation bar for links to all chapters.

Tables INF-1 to INF-3 are summary tables by country of the latest results held at EMCDDA, for prevalence of HIV, HCV and HBV infections among injecting drug users, showing the numbers of tests made and the percentage infected, the broader aspects of the study setting, and references to the original reports listed in the section's bibliography, Tables INF-0 part (i) and INF-0 part (ii)

In the supplementary tables, tables INF-4 to INF-6 report information on newly diagnosed or notified HIV, HCV and HBV cases respectively, giving medium-term historical data on the number of reported cases. Table INF-4 gives additionally the rate per million population for HIV infection and tables INF-5 and INF-6 give the IDU percentage among the cases that have information on the presumed transmission category

A small number of countries report incidence data for HCV from follow-up studies of IDUs at a city level. Table INF-7 reports the number of IDUs followed, the number of sero-conversions, follow-up time, the incidence rate per 100 person-years and a reference to the source study in the section's bibliography, Table INF-0 part (i).

Fuller information on which the summaries above are based as well as prevalence rates among younger injectors and new injectors can be found among the supplementary downloadable tables: Table INF-8 to Table INF-10 for HIV; Table INF-11 to Table INF-13 for HCV; and Tables INF-14 and Table INF-15 for HBV current infection prevalence and HBV antibodies prevalence, respectively. 

Summary points

AIDS and HIV infection

Hepatitis B and C infections